Baby Photo Shoot!

I am often bothered by the thought that I took many more photos of Kaya (my 2 year old) than of Felix (my 5 month old) as a baby. Of course, that’s not the only thing I do less of with Felix. I haven’t been to one baby swimming class with him yet, I haven’t gone to any baby music classes, or even  leaving the house very much lately! When Kaya was Felix’s age, we had a class to go to almost on a daily basis…

Of course it’s logical that I would have less time for these things with my second child, especially because the age difference between my children is so small. And the fact that I got knee surgery 6 weeks ago doesn’t help. However, I still have moments of sadness when I think about how much more Kaya was doing at Felix’s age.

I am trying to tell myself, however, that Instead of feeling guilty/sad, I have to make the most out of every moment with both children. Instead of fretting about baby classes and pictures, my number one priority is to be present when spending time with Felix, and giving him lots of love.

Having said that, I was changing Felix’s outfit this morning when I decided to grab our nice Canon (which has been collecting dust above the TV) and have a little mini-photo shoot. Felix seemed to genuinely enjoy the camera, and I had a blast too. After a few Felix-only shots, I called Kaya in and took a few pictures of them together. Here is the outcome:

Felix&Kaya March 2013 014 Felix&Kaya March 2013 032 Felix&Kaya March 2013 042 Felix&Kaya March 2013 046 Felix&Kaya March 2013 049 Felix&Kaya March 2013 072 Felix&Kaya March 2013 078 Felix&Kaya March 2013 015 Felix&Kaya March 2013 019


This spontaneous photo-shoot was lots of fun, and helped ease some of the guilt I’ve been feeling lately… 🙂



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