Weekend Projects: Cardboard Castle & Cloud Dough

Sometimes I feel guilty for not being able to go outside with Kaya (aged 2) and play. Unfortunately it looks like I won’t be able to leave the house with her for another two weeks, which is when I can stop using crutches outside. Besides the fact that chasing after a two year old on crutches is a bad idea, the ground is still covered with snow/ice…not a good idea for a person who just got knee surgery a couple of weeks ago! One slip up (literally) and I will be in much worse shape than previously.

This is why I’ve been racking my brain for fun crafts to do together at home. My two goals for this weekend were making a castle, and making cloud dough with Kaya.  To make the castle, we recycled a cardboard box from a package we received earlier last week. I was inspired by the following project I found online http://www.theimaginationtree.com/2012/05/25-activities-for-celebrating-diamond.html


Other than the box cutting, Kaya helped me in all parts of creating our castle. From pulling off the left-over packaging tape, to painting the castle. Since Kaya is still a bit young, I have to engage her in pretend play with the end product, but I think in a couple of weeks she’ll probably start to play with it herself. Ours ended up looking like this:


Our second endeaver was the cloud dough. I followed the instructions for making some on this site: http://tinkerlab.com/cloud-dough-exploration/

Kaya has always dreamed of going wild with our flour, so she REALLY enjoyed this activity. I let her pour the flour into a baking dish, then the oil into the flour. We mixed it together with a big wooden spoon. Kaya also got some measuring cups/spoons, and cookie cutters to play with. Needless to say, she loved this activity, as probably any toddler would. The clean up afterwards wasn’t as bad as I had expected, and it was totally worth it! I am keeping the cloud dough in a tupperware container, and will use it again later this week.


Does anyone have any other awesome crafts to recommend? I need as many ideas as possible for this knee surgery recovery!!


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