First Teeth Coming In!

To my surprise, I noticed that Felix’s first tooth came in 4 days ago, at only four and a half months. A mere two days later, another one came in. Now both of his front bottom teeth are showing, as you can see below.


I’m a bit shocked at how early his pearly whites are coming in, but then again, everything with Felix has been happening quickly. He was born weighing 8.71 lbs, 22.8 inches long. He started holding his head up nearly right after birth, and laughing out loud before he hit four months. Compared to his older sister, Kaya, all of this has happened earlier for Felix.

I decided to celebrate his new teeth by giving him cold apple slices to munch on. I could hear his little teeth grinding against the apple, and he actually ate almost an entire two slices using this slow, yet effective method. Because I kept the apple in the fridge, it really seemed to sooth his teeth.

Now I just have to hope he doesn’t ever want to try to use those chompers while breastfeeding!


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