Finding the Right Pacifier for my Kids


So Kaya, my two-year old, still sleeps with a pacifier. I tried to hold out as long as possible without one, but we started giving her one when she turned 3 months old. All I have to say is HALLELULJA for pacifiers, or aka ‘suckers’ as we call them at our household. I think they kept me sane when dealing with the first few months.

We chose Avent for the first few months, but later switched to Hevea  . Hevea’s pacifiers are made of all-natural rubber, and I noticed that even Kaya liked them more than any other brand.

The problem with ‘suckers’ is that the house seems to swallow them up. So when Felix was born,  I went out and stocked up on Hevea pacifiers. I bought five 0-3mos sized pacifiers for Felix, and two more 6mos+ for Kaya. When I opened them I realized that the size difference between the two is so small that it is almost impossible to tell them apart. I decided to mark Felix’s with a green ribbon. The system is working pretty well, the ribbons are staying on and the apartment is, of course, littered with pacifiers by the end of every day.

In terms of Kaya’s pacifier habit, I honestly don’t see a problem with it. I know most people say that you should wean kids from using them early, but I don’t have an issue with Kaya using one to sleep. In fact, once she falls asleep, it usually fals out of her mouth anyway. if it helps her calm down to fall asleep, then I’m willing to keep it onboard for a while longer!


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