Second Physical Therapy Session (w/ hottie physical therapist :))

Hello there! Hereis my knee after my second physical therapy session, looking much better although still a bit swollen.

After 2nd pt session

After 2nd pt session

Had my second physical therapy session with Tomek yesterday evening. I noticed he studied me as I entered the room, looking to see if I’m using the crutches properly. Because I was in a rush (late as usual), I kept my left leg too stiff while walking, which he would like me to pay attention to in the future. This means that the leg needs to work like my ‘good’ leg- muscles contracting and loosening with each step.

First order of business was another knee massage. The man has strong hands!! He really pressed down hard. Again, I felt like kicking him off in the beginning but got used to it after a few minutes. He then asked me to squeeze my quads a few times. After that he placed hand under my knee and asked me to press down a couple of times. Then I was asked to let my whole leg hang over and he sat under it and bent my knee back and forth.

I noticed that my knee did not hurt at all throughout the entire process. Tomek asked me a few times if I felt any pain, but I didn’t. In fact, since the first night after surgery, I haven’t had any pain at all (knock on wood)!! Towards the end of the session he asked me to walk around the room on my crutches and put as much weight on my left leg as I can before feeling pain. No matter how much weight I put on the leg, I did not have any pain. I did feel strange, however, almost like my leg is made out of rubber. I guess that’s normal since so much of my muscle has deteriorated in the past two weeks.

I was told to do more quad presses (not sure if that’s what they’re called, my PT speaks Polish to me- but this is what I call them :)) and to ice my knee as much as possible. I should also bend the knee a few times a day.

I left the session feeling good, mostly because Tomek answered all of my questions, and I had many, and made me feel like everything is on the right track. Of course, it’s also nice to see someone other than my immediate family at home for once. Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband and kids, but sometimes it’s nice to get out of the house and be social.

I am still using crutches, but I feel myself putting more and more weight on my left leg when walking, and sometimes I get around on just one crutch when in the house. Hopefully I can ditch them in a few days at which point I’ll be able to carry my baby around the house!


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