My Four Month Old Baby Eating Solids

So with my second baby, I thought I’d try baby-led weaning. I wanted to wait until Felix was sitting up on his own to try this, which would mean probably not until he was at least 5 and a half months old. I decided to get him started on solids earlier because his poops were very irregular. Unlike most breastfed babies, Felix was only pooping once every four days or so. I tried speaking to a few doctors about this but no one had much to say about this phenomemon. I was told to try giving him water, glucose, and even apple juice. I did not feel comfortable with this advice, and I noticed Felix was very interested in what we were eating, so I decided to try solids earlier than orginially planned, at four months.

I chose a jar of plums as his first food, for obvious reasons. I always thought I’d make his first food from scratch, but I didn’t feel comfortable making plum baby food because there are no fresh plums in Poland at the moment and I didn’t know whether using prunes was a good idea or not. So I asked my hubby to get Hipp’s organic plums for babies 4 months and older on the way home from work, and voile, his first meal was ready!

Here’s Felix enjoying his first taste of something other than booby milk:

Felix first solids

I have to say, I’m glad I did not wait much longer because Felix LOVED eating soli In fact, he screamed for more between spoonfuls! and in fact, he pooped a few hours after eating the plums, so my plan worked. The very next day I gave him pears, and today’s meal was sweet potatoes:



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