2 Weeks Post ACL Reconstruction- Second Doctor Visit

My knee 2 weeks after surgery. Almost all swelling gone, no more stitches, zero pain, zero bruising.


Yesterday marked two weeks poast my acl reconstruction surgery. It was also my second doctor visit post op. He asked if I’d like to get rid of the swelling and I said yes. My doc then proceeded to take out the thickest needle syringe I’ve ever seen before, I’m talking a few millimeters in width, and spray my leg with a numbing spray before injecting it into my knee. Of course right before he plunged the monster needle into my leg, I yelled ‘I changed my mind’, but the doc wasn’t having it, and he stuck it in anyway. Admitedly, it did not hurt, but it didn’t feel geat either. He sucked the yuckiness out of my knee and now nearly all the swelling is gone.

I’m a bit confused because my doctor keeps telling me to exercise the knee very little. When reading other people’s blogs, it seems that people work their knees hard right after surgery. I was told to take it easy. All I can really do at this stage is trust my doctor’s orders and hope for the best….


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