Making the best of my recovery

This week was exciting for many reasons. I got my knee surgery on Tuesday, Felix rolled over from his back to his belly on Saturday,we celebrated his 4 month birthday yesterday, and he had solids for the first time  today (plums). Kaya is also hitting milestones. She’s finally turned the hitting down a notch, but when the occasional attack on her brother does take place, she sends herself to timeout in her room without me having to say anything!

Felix first solids

All in all, we’re dealing with my ACL reconstruction recovery better than I expected. In fact, I’ve even created a list of postitive aspects to this experience:

1) It is winter in Poland. This means gray, dark, apocalyptic weather with cold temperatures and lots of rain/snow. I might as well spend this period indoors. By the time spring rolls around, I’ll be able to walk normally again (hopefully).

2) I am learning to sit back and enjoy the moment. I’ve been reading a lot of Echart Tolle lately, ”The Power of Now'” and “The New Earth”. This recovery is a chance to practice what he preaches; learning to accept situations for what they are and being present in the moment. Instead of being “on the go'”, I’m forced to sit back (literally) and focus on the moment.

3) Kaya is learning to be more independent. My two year-old daughter is very mommy-oriented. She’s always been mommy’s baby and Felix’s arrival was very difficult for her to deal with. Since mommy is now stuck on the couch with her leg elevated, she is forced to let others take her outside for her walks, dress her, and play with her. I can already tell that her relationship with her dad is getting stronger because of this.

4) This blog. What else is there to do in my free time (when kids are sleeping) than to start a blog about my recovery? 🙂


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