ACL OP Recovery – 1 Week

So it’s actually been  8 days since my ACL reconstruction surgery, and I finally left the house yesterday to see my doctor. It felt good to get dressed in something other than pajamas and get out of the apartment! When I got to the health center a nurse removed my stitches and I got to see what everything looks like underneath the bandages. I have to say, it looks better than I thought it would. No bruising, no major scars.

The doctor told me the swelling needs to go down more and if it doesn’t by next week then he will have to intervene. That means sucking the blood out with a syringe, sorry for the gross factor. Other than the swelling, it seems the knee is looking great, as I can bend it 90 degrees a week after surgery.

I still haven’t managed to get all the orange off my leg, but now that the stiches are gone I will be allowed to take a shower in 2-3 days time.

1 week


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