ACL OP Recovery- day 4

At this point in my recovery, my knee has stopped hurting completely. Actually, the pain subsided after that first terrible night and hasn’t beed back since. Either I’m very lucky, or there is something wrong. It seems that most ACL reconstruction patients have a consideral amount of pain at least for the first few days. Another question for the doctor in 2 days.

I’m getting around the apartment on crutches and am putting a very minimal amount of weight on my left knee. I am of course doing the exercise I was told to do, and tring to ice my knee as much as possible. I took the tight bandages off after the second day and only covered the places where incisions were made- what a relief! I also showered on my second day which was not easy to do. In fact, I think I’ll stick to sponge baths for now. Between covering my knee with a plastic bag, and having my husband help me into our very tall bathtub, it’s just not worth it (although we both had a good laugh over how ridiculous the while thing was).

My knee is quite swollen, but the rest of my leg doesn’t seem to be swelling much. My entire shin feels numb, which I’ve read will diminish over time. My two least favorite things about recovery so far are: the fact that I cannot pick up my children, and the clexane shots. Giving yourself a shot in the gut seems ungodly to me! The first time I had to give myself, it took me a solid hour to finally stick the needle in. I must admit, however, that other than a little sting after the needle pulls out, the shot is painless.

So far, so good, although I’m getting a serious case of cabin fever can’t wait to get out in two days for my follow-up appointment!



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